Best Village Properties, Public Houses & Activities

Best Village Properties, Public Houses & Activities

With over 50 great villages in the UK filled with local properties and historic pubs we decided to find out which pubs have the best darts culture available.

Selling a village property

Due to being such popular locations to buy a house. Selling your house in a village is not like selling a house normally. You need to think about the property valuation more carefully because a village property can be difficult to sell fast if not valued property. We found a handy little online property took to find out how much your house is worth. It gives you an idea of the value and then tells you how much you would get if you wanted to sell the house quickly.

British Villages And Properties

Around this time of the year is the best time to enjoy the British village. It is the season of country house opera, agricultural fairs, fetes and church concerts, not to mention local village pubs where you can play dart and other games. All eccentricity of British pastoral life is there including, peopling the street with astonishingly realistic straw mannequins and villages with scarecrow days.

New rural home hunters nowadays want a little complexity. In essence, they need a primary school, a good deli, a gastro pub or a Michelin-starred restaurant.

The majority of the people have moved to towns, since the recession. Particularly those who want to stay close to cupcakes and coffee shops that are within reach and are able to save on fuel on school errands. As a result of this shift, the countryside is now looking good value for new buyers. Villages are 6.5 % below the 2007 peak, but the good news is that they are still recovering. The prices soared by 2.3% last year alone, and most British village properties nationwide are still 13.8% lower.

Some of the idyllic British villages and properties are as listed below:

1. Hampshire District
A village in the East Hampshire district of Hampshire, Ropley is located with the diocese of Winchester, east of New Alresford, southwest of Alton. The ancient Pilgrims’ Way passes through the village. The village is distinguished by its absence of pavements in favor of the boundary hedge, walls, and mature trees.

Found in the Test Valley district of Hampshire, the village situated along the River Test. Houghton dominated by substantial sporting estates at each end, the Bassington Estates to the south and the Houghton Lodge property to the north.

Houghton has some public footpaths intersect, including the Clarendon Way and the Test Way, which crosses the River Test at spreading footbridge known by the locals as the Sheep Bridge. This beautiful sport is frequented by ducks and swans, and also visited occasionally by the egret. Houghton club exclusively owns fishing activities around the village property and is the oldest fishing club in England.

2. Kent District
A wooded village in Kent, Bishopsbourne has two short developed sections of the streets of at the foot of the Nailbourne valley. Bishopsbourne boosts of a pub trades, the Mermaid that is sustained mainly by tourist in the summer. It has a church, St Mary’s that is listed in the highest grading of the national system at Grade I.

3. Oxfordshire District
Sutton Courtenay
Close to the River Thames, it has pubs, shops, and restaurants. In the year 2015, construction of three housing developments began Linden, Redrow, and Pye, that contributed to additional 127 new houses to the village property.

Chadlington is a popular village in Oxfordshire nestling on the northern slopes of Evenlode Valley between, the Wychwood forest to the south and Chipping Norton to the north. Apart from the annual beer festival, the primary school, and the cricket team, there is Chadlington Quality Foods. It is a village shop which is delicatessen, off license in addition to being a general store. It has a bakery and sells home-cooked foods.

Best Properties across the British area
As earlier stated, property most property in the UK is being sought after within the cities as opposed to the village areas. One of the biggest names when it comes to British properties is Gloucestershire market found in Stroud.

Gloucestershire has become a reliable hub for designers, celebrities, musicians, even locals. This place attracts all sorts of people who love the normal life, without the drama and the wedge that separates classes of people. Property prices have not yet escalated to unrecognizable levels, hence why it attracts all and sundry.

Residents have categorically stated that this is a place you can easily call home, because of its attractive design. Most have been heard saying that the place is “unpretentious”, unlike other villages. Its attractive nature comes from the fact that its valleys are considerably deeper, and its property designs more dramatic. Traditional houses are commonplace here, and most are made of stone.

The communities are really a mixture coupled with the fact that both Bristol and Bath are easily accessible. Bristol is one district where you will not miss Local village pubs where you can play dart with friends and family. A similar story can be narrated for village property within districts such as the Yorkshire market, Halifax or Manchester.