British Pubs – Ten Tips To Make The Most Of Your Visit

British Pubs – Ten Tips To Make The Most Of Your Visit

Without any doubt, pubs occupy an important and special place in the culture of Great Britain. The British are famed for developing those amazing and cozy pubs. Over centuries, the traditional pubs have been considered a perfect option for nights out. As you probably already know, pub is the abbreviated form for Public Houses where people can enter without private membership. In addition to this, the traditional pub can be perceived as a great place to listen to good music, to socialize, to drink good quality beer and to exchange never ending stories.

Ten Tips To Make The Most Of Your Visit

1. Pubs houses aren’t cheap entertainment. So a flying visit is poor value. Take it easy, you’re on holiday; spend some time people watching. Pub gardens are much improved – a lot are investing in heaters. True they are where smokers are banished by law but now you can always choose to sit inside without your eyes stinging from a tobacco smog.

2. Choose a pub property which has a good age mix of people – that way you get the vibrancy of the young and the good service older folk expect.

3. It’s all beer. If you want the ice-cold stuff you get in various parts of world we call it lager. Give our ale a chance; it won’t give your throat frostbite but it’s not warm either.

4. I’m not going to recommend an ale. To my untutored palate they’re all good. In any case pubs switch their ales around. So you might find a new favourite is “off” and you quickly have to choose another.

5. Often the only information on the label attached to the pump handle is the beer’s name and its alcoholic strength. Be nice to the bar staff. If they have the time they’ll give you a taster – as a rule both the darker or more potent the brew, the more distinct its flavour.

6. If it’s atmosphere you’re after give pubs a miss that have sports screens or canned music. Live music, however, is a plus but only as long as it doesn’t drown out convivial conversation. Quiz evenings can be fun but often pubs run them on slow nights.

7. Thai food is making big inroads into pub kitchens and can provide healthy and good value meals as an alternative to more stodgy traditional fare.

8. When you order food take a token – perhaps a numbered stick – and your meal will be delivered to your table. The drinks you have to collect from the bar.

9. Public houses have different rules about opening tabs – they’ll want a credit card if they do. Closing time can vary too.

10. Finally, I don’t like drinking out of jugs/mugs – dimpled glasses with handles. I’ll always choose a thin glass – it’s easier to see if it’s clean. Tankards might look the part but they give beer a metallic taste.
The Importance of the British Pub
There has been a lot of concern about the decline in number of pubs in our towns and villages.

There is much a pub can do to help ensure it continues to serve a community and continue to operate; ensuring it is a friendly and comfortable atmosphere, making sure the bar has enough bar equipment and accessories, and providing other services that can generate revenue.

Keeping The Properties Customers Happy

Keeping customers happy is perhaps the best method of ensuring the pub continues to thrive. If a pub is friendly and welcoming it becomes more attractive for people to spend an evening, while unfriendly and shabby pubs will keep people away.

Ensuring the pub is clean, and kept clean will go a long way in making people feel comfortable. If spills are left on tables and at the bar it can be really off-putting so making sure everything is clean is important and bar accessories play a key role. Bar mates and trays help ensure the bar stays free of spills and tables should all have beer mats too.

Cleaning supplies should also be well-stocked. Cleaning products such as mops, buckets and a good supply of cloth to clean up spills are essential to keep any pub clean.

Property Versatility

Increasingly, as people consume less alcohol, many pubs find that serving food is vital in maintaining a decent revenue. Catering doesn’t have to be difficult and as long as you have the right catering equipment and follow the correct guidelines there is no reason why nearly any pub cannot have some sort of limited menu.

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